Bruce Power

The role of Bruce Power Coordinator was created when Bruce Power proposed to construct and operate a new nuclear power plant in 2008.

Bruce Power withdrew their application for a new build in August of 2009. The file has since evolved to looking at other matters since the facility constantly moves forward with other regulatory items and approvals. It must be noted the primary focus is to ensure the facility does not adversely affect our Aboriginal or Treaty rights or interests in any way.

Some of the other file components included examining the proposal to recycle the Bruce Power Steam Generators, reviewing the Bruce Power Follow-up Monitoring Program, examining the Certificates of Approvals, peer reviewing the water treatment plant, and examining the permit to take water. SON had participated in Bruce Power Re-licensing Hearings in 2009 and is currently participating in a joint effort between SON and Bruce Power to carry out a study called the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, Bruce Power Collaborative Lake Whitefish Research Project to determine if there are environmental impacts to Lake Huron whitefish due to nuclear generating station operations.

Of equal importance, another focus of work currently underway between the parties is to determine a path forward to implement a Training, Employment and Business Opportunities Plan for the purpose of increasing prospects for SON band members.

Duties at the office include overseeing, coordination and being the primary contact between Bruce Power and Joint Council. Some duties include arranging meetings, minute taking, reviewing environmental assessments, creating reports and documents, and reporting to the Office Coordinator and the Chiefs and Councils. Other duties include acquiring technical peer reviewer as needed, filing systems, assisting in expenditure reports, preparing budgets and other duties as requested.