Land Use Planning

Responsibilities of Land Use Planning:

  • Principal liaison between the Saugeen Ojibway Nations, proponents and the Crown on matters the Environmental Office is charged to deal with related to local/regional planning and associated development projects.
  • Developing and maintaining good working relationships with other organizations, particularly:
    • Governments and their environmental planning and policy bodies, such as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing, Counties, Municipalities, OMB, and MAA.
    • Other First Nations(FN) and FN organizations.
    • Non-government agencies, university-based researchers, consultants, etc.
    • Principal resource person to the various committees struck by SON Joint Council to deal with consultation or negotiation on environmental and policy matters related to Land Use Planning.
    • Staff-lead on communications with the public and in dealing with the media.
    • Work directly with the SON Consulting Team assigned to the Lower Tier Governments File including those assigned to the existing SON/MAAH agreement working group.
    • Assist the SON in creating new management tools that will meet SON’s and Ontario’s objectives under the new relationship program.
    • Address proponent applications, design a standard terms of reference for peer reviews required by the SON to measure possible impacts on SON’s rights, claims, interests and way of life as well as any new studies done by or required by the SON.
    • Facilitate community meetings and communicate to SON Band Members the work being done as part of the Environmental Assessment process and larger consultation and accommodation process.
    • Staff-lead on GIS operations, development and implementation for Land Use Planning.
    • Work with the Joint Archaeology committee and Archaeologist to address files requiring consultation with SON.
    • Encourage SON youth to take part in the EA process in ways that would help them consider new career paths.