Coastal Waters Monitoring Program (CWMP) 2019 Video Wrap Up!

Coastal Waters Monitoring Program (CWMP) 2019 Video Wrap Up!

The Coastal Waters Monitoring Program is a nearshore monitoring program that is building an extensive baseline inventory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation territory habitats and wildlife.

This year the monitoring program had sites from Inverhuron, along the western shore of the Saugeen Peninsula to Tobermory, and from Tobermory down the eastern shore of the Saugeen Peninsula just beyond Owen Sound harbor.

As of today, there is no data regarding the current state our coastal waters throughout the
Saugeen Ojibway Nation territory.

This data will help us understand:

  • Current conditions of the nearshore habitats, wildlife and lake
  • Differences in conditions and health between sites
  • Potential causes for decreased health of certain locations
  • Future changes in the lake, fish and wildlife as they respond to affecting factors ie.
  • Climate change, pollution, tourism, shoreline development etc.

Next year:

  • Sites will be replicated in 2020 to be compared to 2019 data
  • Examination of larval fish communities
  • Extension of monitoring to creeks and streams connected to Georgian Bay and Lake
  • Huron
  • More temperature loggers
  • More water sampling (i.e heavy metals, nutrients, etc.)