Community Meeting Live Stream and Notification Emails

Please accept our apologies…

The Environment Office has been attempting to live-stream some of its community meetings so that members are able to attend and interact with the meeting remotely. We would like to apologize to anyone who attempted to sign on to last nights meeting and were unable to do so, we are still in the process of perfecting this method and have had occasional trouble with the live stream. We’re planning in the upcoming meetings to make this process much smoother and easier for members to sign on and interact with the meetings, please bear with us as we sort out all the details.

Additionally, we have received some feedback that the short notice for these live streams is not ideal, we’re also working on ironing out that process as well. In fact, for the next round of meetings our goal is to select specific meetings that will be offered as live streams and announce them well in advance of the meetings so that members can make arrangements to attend remotely. We hope that you accept our promise to do better, and please stick with us as we work out all the little details to ensure everyone has a chance to participate fully in this community process. We are very grateful for your feedback, and participation in this process as it serves to make it that much better for everyone.

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