Current Job Postings from the Bruce National Park

4 Current postings …

Click on the linked text below or on the URLs below them. Each posting is about 8 pages long (hey, it’s the government). But work your way through them. Parks Canada also requires that you fill out something called an Application Screening Form (hey, it’s the government). It’s a short form that gives their Human Resources a quick summary of your qualifications. You can find a link to download and fill out the form for each posting right after the link for the posting itself.

The contact person for all the postings is Wanda Burdett If you have trouble, try contacting Janna Chegahno, SON Liaison with the National Park at Applications can be sent to

Please note the closing dates:

New Posting! Jan 31 for a Visitor Facilities Attendant (at midnight).  Click here for Screening Form.
– Jan 25 for Visitor Services Attendant (at midnight).  Click here for Screening Form.
– Feb 4 for Maintenance Worker (at midnight).  Click here for Screening Form
– There’s no deadline on the post for Visitor Experience Product Officer.  Click here for Screening Form.
The deadline time on the posting is midnight, Pacific time, which is about 3 am EST. Best to get your resume in earlier.
Note the NOTE from SON: commuting requirements don’t apply to Cape or Saugeen members.

URLs for each of the above jobs (in case the links above don’t work) …

New! Visitor Facilities Attendant: 
Visitor Services Attendant:
Maintenance Worker:
Visitor Experience Product Officer:
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