Video #5

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Video #5

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April 21st at 2:00pm - April 21st at 2:45pm
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The Environment Office will be hosting a frequent video series about nuclear. These videos will give you a stronger understanding of nuclear and its effects on the Territory, as well as provide perspectives from other Indigenous communities. Some examples of possible speakers include:

  • Nuclear experts
  • Geologists
  • Other Indigenous communities that are affected by nuclear
  • Historians
  • Archaeologists
  • Scientists


Environment Office Nuclear Webinar Series Episode 5


This week, members from CNSC (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission) will be joining us for our Nuclear Webinar series.

Today will we learn more about what nuclear waste it, how it is produced, and the different levels of waste that exist.

Watch our Facebook page or website for information on the upcoming speakers.

**Open to members of Saugeen Ojibway Nation, if you are not a member, your registration will be denied.**

~ Date was moved from April 14 ~

Register here: