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To address the deep and long-standing concerns regarding nuclear power generation in Anishnaabekiing, consult with the community regarding the proposed Deep Geologic Repository (DGR) for the low- and intermediate-level waste at the Bruce site and work to address legacy issues.

Legacy issues involve the current and long-standing impacts that nuclear power production and the ongoing operations of Bruce Power have on our People and Territory.

The Saugeen Ojibway Nation was never consulted when a nuclear generating station was built in our Territory. Over the past fifty years, nuclear power generation in Anishnaabekiing has had many impacts on our Communities, and our lands and waters, including the production and accumulation of nuclear waste. For decades now, the SON Joint Chiefs and Councils have been in discussion with the nuclear industry and governments regarding these concerns.

Commitments from OPG

We have worked hard to have the nuclear industry and government recognize our rights. In 2013, Ontario Power Generation (OPG) committed to the SON that it would
not build the DGR Project without our consent. OPG also committed to address legacy issues: the historical impacts of nuclear power generation on our Communities and our Territory. The commitments made are a significant victory for our nation.

Commitments from the NWMO

After many years of hard work, we finally have a commitment from the Nuclear Waste Management Organization (NWMO) that they will not select a site for Canada’s used fuel in our Territory without our consent. We now have the space and time to have a full conversation about nuclear issues. SON Joint Chiefs and Councils fully support the Communities in learning about the issue and discussing how to improve it for our People and our future. This will be done through the community process and continued discussion with OPG and NWMO.

Anishnaabekiing, Anishnaabe Inwewin, Anishnaabe Naaknigewin – Our Territory, Our Voice, Our Decisions

SON stewardship and nuclear issues community process has begun! Anishnaabekiing, Anishnaabe Inwewin, Anishnaabe Naaknigewin – Our Territory, Our Voice, Our Decisions is about informing, discussing, and gathering input from everyone, as well as developing solutions and making decisions to address the nuclear waste and legacy issues.

SON Joint Council has always said we must determine our own role and future within our Territory. When it comes to the nuclear waste problem, this especially true. Our exclusion from decisions on major projects within our Territory has had serious implications for our Communities and our way of life. Major nuclear projects in the Territory - such as those at Douglas Point and the Bruce site - have impacted us and will continue to have an impact on us for many more years to come. We are not expecting to solve the problem, but we have an opportunity to try and improve the situation for our People and our future in our Territory.

Note: The Anishnaabekiing, Anishnaabe Inwewin, Anishnaabe Naaknigewin – Our Territory, Our Voice, Our Decisions Web Portal is currently under development. Stay tuned for more info.

Key Players

  • SON Communities (Neyaashiinigmiing and Saugeen): have the final say in how they want nuclear waste and legacy issues to be resolved.
  • Joint Council: receives direction from the communities and works to ensure our process is supported both politically and financially.
  • SON Advisory Team: reports to and receives direction from Joint Council. They engage with the Crown, OPG, NWMO and other external parties.
  • SON Environment Office: provides coordination and technical support to the Joint Chiefs and Councils, the Advisory Team, Working Groups and the SON Communities.
  • Anishnaabek Izhitwaawinan Inaakonigewin Maawanji’idiwag Committee: ensures our values, teachings and law are central to our community process.
  • Youth Committee: provides input and direction to engage SON youth so they may meaningfully participate in the community process.
  • Community Engagement Working Group: finds ways to include and engage SON community members in the community process by identifying needs, reviewing communications materials and planning events and activities.
  • Bruce Nuclear Generating Station: the largest nuclear facility in the world. Bruce Power’s plans to refurbish their eight reactors; this would keep the facility operational into the 2060s.
  • Ontario Power Generation: responsible for finding a safe solution for the low- and intermediate-level waste stored at the Bruce site. OPG has proposed a Deep Geologic Repository for low- and intermediate-level waste at the Bruce site and has committed that the project will not go ahead without SON consent.
  • Nuclear Waste Management Organization: responsible for the long-term management of Canada's used nuclear fuel (high-level waste). They are currently in the process of siting a location for a used fuel storage site. Two municipalities in Anishnaabekiing remain in the siting process: South Bruce and Huron-Kinloss.
  • The Crown: has the duty to consult with SON. The Crown is represented on this issue, for the most part, by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.

Role of Coordinator

  • Provide support and coordination to the Joint Chiefs and Councils and Advisory Team on the SON’s nuclear power, waste and legacy issues.
  • Organize and assist with research, planning, coordination and support for the Joint Chiefs and Councils, Committees and Working Groups throughout the community process.
  • Act as a liaison with the proponents, governments and other external parties.
  • Organize, manage and support a community-driven process and communications plan so information related to the SON’s nuclear power, waste and legacy issues are available and accessible to SON members.

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