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Territorial Resources Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Coordinating SON’s reviews of Aggregate Resources Act applications – main point of contact.
  • Liaising with proponents, Crown agencies, Conservation Authorities, etc. to ensure fulfillment of duty to consult on proposed resource development projects.
  • Managing financials, budgets, and legal agreements for aggregate resources files.
  • Providing technical expertise and concise file updates to SON Quarry Team and Joint Council.
  • Developing and implementing consultation protocols under the direction of SON Joint Council.
  • Analyzing permit to take water applications for potential impact to SON Aboriginal and Treaty rights and on the environment for in-water works.
  • Scoping duty to consult and potential impacts to SON Aboriginal and Treaty rights and on the environment for in-water works.
  • Scheduling and overseeing SON archaeological and environmental monitors as necessary.
  • Acting as main point of contact for forestry activities in the Traditional Territory.
  • Providing technical support for various other files, ex. Parks Canada, Bruce Power – TEBOW.
  • Attending workshops, conferences, and professional development sessions to build on ecological, legislative, and technical knowledge.
  • Assessing proposed changes to legislation (ex. species at risk, conservation/environmental policies) and providing comments as necessary.

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