Weekly Webinar Series – December 10, 2019 | Nuclear in SON Territory with Kathleen Ryan

What is the SON EO? What does the geology around the proposed DGR site look like? Answers to all these questions and more, on our new weekly webinar series from your Environment Office! Join us online on Wednesdays from 6pm – 7pm and don’t forget to submit you topic ideas below!

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Previous Episodes:

Episode 1 |  Webinar Introduction & Evironment Office Overview with Kathleen Ryan (October 2nd, 2019)

Episode 2 |  Harvesting and SON Rights with Doran Ritchie (October 9th, 2019)

Episode 3 |  SON – Bruce Power Environmental Monitoring Community Information Session (October 16th, 2019)

Episode 4 |  Land Claim Update with Cathy Guirguis (October 23, 2019)

Episode 5 |  Fisheries Update with Ryan Lauzon and Kathleen Ryan (October 30th 2019)

Episode 6 |  SON Fisheries Part Two with Ryan Lauzon (November 13, 2019)

Episode 7 |  Nuclear in SON Territory with Kathleen Ryan (December 10, 2019)



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  1. Jan Reply

    How do I subscribe to your webinar?

    • Saugeen Ojibway Nation Environment Office Reply

      Aanii Jan,

      We’ll be sending out a link in the next couple of days. These webinars are for Band Members – are you a Saugeen or Nawash Band Member?


  2. Pat Gibbons Reply

    When are the SON people expected to vote on the DGR issue?

    When might the result of the vote be made public?

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