Electrician Apprenticeship Opportunity for SON Members

Electrician Apprenticeship Opportunity for SON Members

Submitted by Kurt Kivell - August 13th at 6:01pm
Apprenticeship Program Cover Photo

One of the Nuclear supplier companies would like to direct hire 2 Indigenous candidates to join their team as Electrical apprentices.  The funding OCNI received from the Skills Development Program will support successful candidates with PPE, transportation, and childcare costs.  I have attached more information.  The company will interview and select successful candidates through their internal hiring process. Start date to be determined but we are aiming for September.

The educational requirements for this position are as follows:

Have each of the following credits or one (1) level of trade school

o Grade 12 English

o Grade 12 Mathematics

o Grade 11 Physics (or higher)

o One Senior Science – Grade 11 Chemistry, Grade 11 Biology, or Grade 12 Electrical Shop

Currently there are no openings for Carpenter apprentices but opportunities may come up in the next few months so we are building a list of potential candidates who would be interested.

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