Fish Community Assessment

Title Card: "Fish Community Assessment"

Fish Community Assessment

Submitted by Kurt Kivell - June 8th at 4:08pm

The goal of nearshore fish community assessment is to establish a comprehensive database of conditions for nearshore fish community composition and habitat conditions/characteristics. The CWMP is working to get a better understanding of lake whitefish use and habitat in the vicinity of Bruce Power and around the Territory. We aim to understand the existing habitat for lake whitefish across all life stages (larval, juvenile, adult / spawning). This data will also be a valuable planning and consultation tool for the SON Environment Office. 

Info graphic saying what the information in the Fish Community Assessment will be used for

The fyke net is a live trap net that consists of two mesh “wings”, a lead line and a series of hoops that funnel the fish down to the back of the net. Once the fish are in the net they are unable to get out until they are sampled and released. The fyke net stays in the water overnight for approximately 24 hours.

photo of a fyke net in water

The seine net is a live trap net that collects the fish using that area of the shoreline during that time of sampling. The net gets pulled along the shoreline, as the net is being pulled the fish move backwards towards the large pocket located at the back of the net.

photo of siene net in water

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