Paid Mentorship with Bawaadan Collective

Paid Mentorship with Bawaadan Collective

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This is a short paid mentorship opportunity open for two (2) Saugeen Ojibway Nation Youth aged 16 - 35. 
For 4 days participants will be accompanying The Bawaadan Collective at various locations in SON traditional territory to video capture scenic shots for an Environment Office Video Project. 

While on-site participants will learn about: shot planning, equipment, recording, lighting and film industry standards, etc.

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in cinematography, photography or video production.

Participants must be available at 5pm - Friday August 13, 2021 (Zoom Meeting - Shot Planning)
Dates of on location shooting all-day on August 17 - 20, 2021


Transportation to and from locations (locations and dates to be determined)
Ages 16-35
Participants are responsible for their own Lunch and Refreshments

Suggested Preparation

Shooting will be all day for 4 days in August! make sure to dress appropriately!
Proper footwear, some locations may be over rough/wet terrain!
Bring Sunscreen!
If you have your own camera and equipment bring it!
Bring lunch/snacks!

About the Bawaadan Collective

"Formalized in the Spring of 2019, we worked co-operatively together to create the short film Midland Motel Room 77'. Utilizing close friend and familial ties, we quickly began to self-produce our own Indigenous content. Modern, contemporary content. As the scale and scope of each project grew, we continued to explore and expand our membership to incorporate new skills and relationships. Each new member brought on board has been an asset to each of the projects, and continues to support our future work." - Bawaadan Collective


How to Apply

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