Sources of Knowledge Bursary for National Park and Protected Areas Studies

Sources of Knowledge Bursary for National Park and Protected Areas Studies

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1)  To provide financial support to a qualifying secondary student for post- secondary study in the field of environmental conservation or other field related to a prospective career with Parks Canada.

2)  Thereby, to assist Parks Canada in meeting its obligation for local employment under clauses 15 and 16 of Appendix A of the Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario to Establish a National Park and a National Marine Park in the Township of St. Edmunds dated July 20, 1987.

3)  To further the stated goal of the Sources of Knowledge Forum to “encourage and enable youth to be stewards of this remarkable place.”

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

1. Bursary applicants shall be “local”
“Local” for the purpose of the bursary will be defined as an eligible elector or dependant living with an eligible elector from within the boundaries of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula at the time of applying for the bursary or a member of the Saugeen Ojibway Nations (who have a hunting reserve in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula).

2. Academic standing
Applicants should have achieved an overall good academic standing on all Grade 12 course work. The applicant will provide the committee with a copy of a recent transcript of their academic records as part of their application package.

3. Demonstrated interest in a career in conservation or in a field related to a prospective career with Parks Canada
Applicants must describe their interest through a 500 word essay as part of the Application package


Table 1- Examples of career fields and careers within Parks Canada.

Career Field

Career Examples

Resource Conservation

Ecologist, GIS Specialist, Visitor Safety Specialist, Park Warden

Visitor Services

Park Interpreter, Graphic Designer

Asset Management & Maintenance

Carpenter, Mechanic, Utility Craftsman (plumber/electrician), Engineer


Financial Administration, Human Resources, Project Management, Aboriginal Liaison, Program Manager, Public Relation and Communications Manager, Web Content Developer

4. Demonstrated involvement in Community Service
Applicants must provide a detailed list of their community service activities, and an outline of the time commitment of each activity. Greater weight will be given to volunteer community service that is environmental in nature.


To support their application, applicants will provide the names of two individuals that the selection committee can consult as references. One of these should be an academic reference (teacher) and one should be another member of the community.

Proof of acceptance

The successful applicant must demonstrate proof of acceptance into a relevant program at an accredited Canadian post-secondary institution. Relevant programs include, but are not limited to: natural sciences, resource management, environmental studies, geography, social science, computer science, environmental planning, mechanic, electrician, education, outdoor recreation and tourism, engineering etc. as judged by members of the Bursary Selection Committee.

Application Deadline

The deadline for receipt of a completed application by the school Guidance Counsellor is May 14, 2021.

Applications should be given (in hard-copy or pdf via email) to the school’s Guidance Counsellor who willl forward them promptly to the:

The Selection Committee Sources of Knowledge Forum Box 18
Tobermory, Ontario N0H2R0

Amount of Award

The Sources of Knowledge Forum aims to provide an award of up to $1,500 annually to each successful candidate. The total number of awards given in any one year may vary depending on available funding and the suitability of candidates.

The Sources of Knowledge Forum will consider providing subsequent awards of $500 - $1500 pending funding to students who continue their studies in a course of study relevant to the mandate of SOK beyond their first year. Awards will be granted at the discretion of the SOK Committee, and will be dependent on the funds available to SOK to do so.

Selection Committee

The award of the bursary will be made by a committee, which shall consist of at least one representative from each of the following organizations:

  • Sources of Knowledge Forum,

  • Parks Canada, and

  • Bruce Peninsula District School.

    In making their decision, the committee will consider all of the selection criteria in a balanced way: academic standing, letter of application, references.

    Announcement of Award

    Applicants must provide their full and correct mailing address and email address, AND the email address of their contact teacher at the school. Both the applicant and their contact teacher will be informed of the results of the application process after June 6th. When possible, each award will also be presented at the school’s annual convocation.


  • The responsibility for the completed application form rests with the applicant; be sure to provide ALL the required information.

  • Information provided may be subject to authentication

  • Any information provided on the application form will be held in confidence.

  • All successful candidates will be notified by the Selection Committee. This decision will be final.