Open letter re: UPDATE - Town of South Bruce Peninsula: Sauble Beach Dunes and Lakeshore Boulevard On-Street Parking Improvements

03 December 2020

Open letter re: UPDATE - Town of South Bruce Peninsula: Sauble Beach Dunes and Lakeshore Boulevard On-Street Parking Improvements

Over the past week, Saugeen First Nation (SFN) and Saugeen Ojibway Nation (SON) have been in contact with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula (the Town) regarding the proposed alteration of the sand dune ecosystem at Sauble Beach, Saugeen First Nation Indian Reserve #29, SON Territory. We have received the reports and information requested from the Town and have completed a site visit with our staff and subject matter experts. During a meeting this morning (Dec. 3), the Town acknowledged that no works would proceed at this time and agreed to accept a proposal from SON for a consultation / consent process. SON’s consultation process includes undertaking a detailed review and assessment of the proposed works, the ecological significance of the sand dune ecosystem, and provision of recommendations to the Town regarding the proposed works, including alternative solutions to address parking and safety issues without impacting the local environment. The Town and SFN representatives also discussed the need to develop clear guidance for the Town regarding communications and processes for any proposed activities to occur on lands that are part of SFN Indian Reserve #29, and/or any activities that have the potential to alter, disrupt or destruct habitats or environmental features in SON Territory or potential to impact SON’s Aboriginal and Treaty Rights. If the Town does not accept the consultation process proposed by SON, further discussion with the Town and alternative actions will be required to address this issue.

We have received an overwhelming response from members of the general public across the Territory, and in particular from residents of the Town. We are very appreciative of the information that has been shared with us, and your offers of support and expertise. We will be including some of the resources that were shared with our office in our review of the Project. We see you as allies in our ongoing work to protect the environment of the Territory, and appreciate your respect of our jurisdiction and rights on our lands, and across our Territory. We have been unable to respond to every message we have received due to the high volume of emails we receive on a daily basis, but we have read them and are aware and appreciative of the concerns associated with the proposed project at the Sauble dunes and the infringement on SFN’s rights and jurisdiction on SFN land. Please continue to share with us any developments in relation to the Sauble dunes in the meantime by contacting Corrina Serda at @email or 647-876-7997.

We will share another update as our work through the consultation process on this project progresses.

Kathleen Ryan
Acting Manager
Saugeen Ojibway Nation Environment Office